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We are a Native American 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that consists of professional trainers and wisdom keepers from various tribes.  Our mission is to empower youth and adults by providing life changing mentoring opportunities throughout Indian Country.  We offer Hope, Healing, and Training.



“There are times when it is necessary to be a warrior,
but we are not at war every moment we are awake.
We are also hunters, husbands, and fathers, and we must care for our families.

There are enemies and war does come,
and at those times, we must protect our families.
But peace also comes. Which should you live for?
Should you be a man who lives for war or
a man of peace who is willing to go to war?
Remember that wars do not last, and
while they may be a way to achieve
glory and status, peace is the way to strength.”

– Joseph M. Marshall III