PKS Leadership

Gene Tagaban


“One Crazy Raven” is an influential storyteller, trainer, speaker, mentor and performer. Using his gift of storytelling, dance, and music, he travels across the country performing, presenting, and facilitating workshops on prevention, empowerment, leadership, relationship-building, communication, self-awareness, spirit and honor to participants of all ages. He is Cherokee, Tlingit and Filipino.

Haver Jim

Haver is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation Indian Reservation. He has been a life-long Fisherman, Hunter-man, and Food Gatherer for his family, friends and community, He is a drummer/singer for┬áthe Toppenish Longhouse. Haver currently serves on the Board of Directors for Yakama Forest Products of the Yakama Nation. He graduated from Heritage University with a B.A. in English with a focus in linguistics and a B.A. in American Culture Studies with a focus in History. His primary source of traditional knowledge comes from just having to do the work: start to finish. “Every moment of work is an opportunity to Learn & Teach” -Haver Jim-

Crit Callebs

Crit is of Eastern Band Cherokee/Appalachian descent and lives on the Yakama Indian Reservation. He is a traditional storyteller, drummer, singer and food gatherer for the White Swan Longhouse. Crit travels throughout the U.S. and Canada sharing traditional stories, teaching cultural camps and conducting workshops that promote self-awareness, ancestral skills and Indigenous values.

Georgieann Lilgreen

Georgieann was born in Ketchikan Alaska and is a Tlingit belonging to the Saanya Kwaan tribe of Saxman. She was raised in the Haida village of Kasaan, where living off the land was the way of life. Georgie teaches survival skills and how to use plants for food, medicine and their utilitarian uses.